Studio Policy

Studio Policy


The first lesson is half price, and the next two lessons after that will be paid before each lesson and act as a trial period.

After that, tuition is payable in advance, in monthly installments. The monthly fee will be determined by the number of lessons to be held in that month, and paid no later than the 7th of the month. The number of lessons in each month will be agreed between teacher and student before the beginning of the month.

A late fee of £10 will be charged for any payment made after the 7th of the month.


All students are expected to attend their lesson on time. If you are late for your lesson, your full lesson time cannot be guaranteed.


24 hours notice is required for any lesson cancelled by either the teacher or student.

Any lesson cancelled by the teacher will be made up, or a credit will be given.

For students who miss their lesson, no credit will be given, but it will be possible to reschedule the lesson through a swap list.


For students who miss their lessons, there will be a swap list. After you sign up for piano lessons, you will get a password and access to the Member’s Area on the teacher’s website, with a timetable containing the times and locations of available slots. The teacher will update the timetable with free time slots at the beginning of every month, and as long as you are a student, you can book any number of lessons that you might have missed. The teacher will also try to reschedule missed lessons whenever possible, but it cannot be guaranteed.


If either the student or teacher wishes to discontinue piano lessons, 2 weeks notice is required.

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